Re-tinning and Refurbished

We are experts in the cleaning of metal objects such as iron, copper, brass and in particular, in the stagnation of chickpea porridge pans carried out through different phases.
This in order to remedy the wear and tear of kitchen utensils which over time risk becoming unusable.

Following this philosophy, we provide assistance to professionals (restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, bakeries, ovens) by offering our consultancy service by appointment during which an expert will provide all the specifications and procedures to be performed on the items to restore.


Using a smaller amount of materials to make a product is equivalent to reducing the extraction and processing of raw materials and, consequently, their disposal. Our company is called upon to prevent this process through the use of clean technologies and the design of products that can be easily recycled and disposed of without risk to the environment.


reusing products means increasing the use value of the asset and avoiding producing others that perform the same function.


the waste is transformed into similar materials following special processing treatments.


for our company, waste is valued from an economic point of view, becoming a secondary material with a thousand possible lives

Third party processing
Discover the processes carried out for our customers.